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10LB Nitrous Oxide Bottle with high flow valve


10LB Nitrous Oxide Bottle with high flow valve

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10LB Nitrous Oxide Bottle with high flow valve. Holds 10LB's of nitrous and comes with a syphon tube already installed internally. Powder-coated super gloss black aluminum tank, this is the standard 7" diamater bottle in almost all nitrous kits! Uses CGA- 660 outlet threads that match our Bottle nut adaptors and are compaible with most nos products. Nitrous oxide bottle, buy a spare and save the trips to the speed shop when filling nitrous oxide bottles.
20" tall from bottom to top of valve. has a 1/8" gauge port on the side of the valve!... 
6.9" diameter

NOTE: Does not come with Bottle Nut. Bottle nuts are available in 4AN or 6AN sizes seperate

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