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96-02 SBC Vortec Heads


96-02 SBC Vortec Heads

from 450.00

***Price is for a pair of heads not each***



-Vortec casting #062, 906 (64cc chamber, .3430" guide ID, valve diameter 1.940"/1.500")  bare heads without springs, valves or seals

-you have the option to include (oe intake/exhaust valves, oe springs, oe valve seals) ***PARTS WILL COME SEPERATE NOT INSTALLED ON HEADS***

***A vortec intake intake is required to install these heads***



Head Kit:
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How are Vortec Heads Different from Other GM Cast Iron Heads?

  • The intake port is designed with a cast “ski jump” on the port roof which is there to increase port flow velocity.
  • Port flow was designed to be high in the .300″-.500″ valve lift area to make power with relatively low-lift truck camshafts, whereas the old school Gen I heads liked higher-lift camshafts to make their power.
  • The bowl area is wide around the valve guide – much wider than the old GM cast iron ‘camel-hump’ heads.
  • The intake and exhaust valves and valve seats have a 3-angle grind from the factory.
  • The intake and exhaust valves are back-cut from the factory.
  • The combustion chamber has a “heart-shaped” design (‘double-quench’ design), whereas the Gen I cast heads were either open or closed chamber designs.
  • Best power is made with 32° total timing, although these heads can make power with timing reduced to 29° when used with short-duration camshafts. Older heads needed 32° and up to ensure a more complete burn.
  • Stock out-of-the-box Vortec heads have approx. 480 hp potential naturally-aspirated. Out of the box double hump cast heads produced from 25 to 40 hp less, depending on valve size.