2 Brothers Racing

We offer all your LS parts , Small Block Chevy and Big Block Chevy parts are Coming soon. If you have a muscle car or hot-rod project come to us because this is our Passion.


Fuel: Regular (87 octane)

Pistons: Sealed Power (Hypereutectic)

Rings: Hastings/Similar (Moly)

Connecting Rods: OE

Rod Bolts: OE Replacement

Heads: 624/882 heads are used-Vortec Available

Camshaft: Melling/Elgin/Similar (Flat Tappet RV)

Lifters: Comp Cams/Similar (Hydraulic)

Rockers: Pioneer/Similar (Long Slot Performance)

Crankshaft: Cast Iron

Bearings: KING/Clevite

Flywheel/Flexplate: Scat/Elgin

Balancer: Pioneer/Professional Products/Powerbond

Timing Cover: Yes/Painted

Oil Pan: 5 Quart Standard/Moroso Available

Valve Covers: OE/Chrome/Painted/Custom

Paint Job:Black/Red/Orange/Blue/Yellow/Other

Gasket Kit: Fel-Pro/Victor Reinz/Similar

Distributor: OE/

Wires: MSD/Bosch

Spark Plugs: Autolite/Bosch

Pulleys: Chrome or Aluminum

Water Pump: GMB/AC-Delco/Similar (Long or Short)