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Comp Cam LS3 Hex-A-Just Timing Chain Set


Comp Cam LS3 Hex-A-Just Timing Chain Set

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Part Number: 3172kt

This fully adjustable single roll timing chain is one of the best available for LS3 engines.  This timing chain also works on LS2 "58X" engines requiring a "4 pole" cam gear.  This timing chain is a drop in installation which requires no grinding or hours of clearance work like double roller chains do. 

• Include induction hardened steel billet gears for bullet proof durability

• Feature infinitely adjustable camshaft sprocket, 6-degree maximum advance/retard

• 3 keyway crank sprocket for additional 4-degree incremental adjustability

• Pre-stretched, heat-treated single roller chain with heavy-duty large pin design; chain available separately

• Torrington roller trust bearing reduces friction

• Ideal for all street performance and race applications


Sold under Cloyes 9-3672TX9