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DART LSX SHP 454 Shortblock


DART LSX SHP 454 Shortblock


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-Dart LS Next SHP STD Steel Block STD 9.240” 4.125”
-k1 4.125in. Crankshaft 012FAE11324 (24/58 reluctor)
-DSS forged flat top pistons
-Scat forged I beam rods
-Dart small parts kit ( main and rod bearings included)

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Dart LS Next cast iron bare blocks integrate the robust heritage of a traditional Chevy small block with the performance potential of the late model LS engine architecture. The blocks are designed to rectify some of the former LS's more noticeable shortcomings on the bottom end—while still supporting high-flow and efficient cylinder heads developed for Gen III and IV platforms. They're available in multiple engine block styles, including stock/OEM standard deck and aftermarket. Dart LS Next blocks are back and better than ever!

Highlight features of the LS Next cast iron bare blocks include: 

* Cast with premium cast iron alloy
* Conventional style 4-bolt steel main caps 
* Full main webbing for maximum bottom-end strength
* Extended cylinder barrels at the bottom to provide greater piston support for all combinations
* Extra-thick Siamese cylinder bores 
* Blind head bolt holes don't go through into the water jacket
* Provision for oil restrictors in the lifter valley
* Revised low-restriction priority main oiling system
* Pro-Stock/Pro-Mod big block style stepped main oil galley
* External oil filter (must be used with stock or aftermarket oil pumps)
* Dual starter mounts
* Expanded water jacket on #1 cylinder for additional cooling capacity
* LSX-style lifter bosses and dog bone provision are provided