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JE Forged Pistons 3.905in. Bore

je pistons.jpg
je pistons.jpg

JE Forged Pistons 3.905in. Bore


JE Pistons Part#:194883

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Bore Size: 3.905

Oversize: 0.007

Dome Volume: -2.0

Weight: 428


This Piston is  made from Forged aluminum and has a flat top, with two valve reliefs. JE Pistons 15 degree LS1 series pistons are designed for stock rods (.945 in. diameter wrist pin) or aftermarket/small block Chevy (.927 in. diameter wrist pin) connecting rods. They have a flat top design that achieves compression ratios suitable for normally aspired applications and are machined for 1.5, 1.5, 3.0mm rings.