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Wiseco Forged Pistons 3.800in. Bore


Wiseco Forged Pistons 3.800in. Bore


Part Number K474M96

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Chevy LS Series

  • Flat Top -2.2cc
  • 3.780 Bore
  • 6.098"/6.125" Rod
  • 3.622" Stroke
  • C/R: 58cc/10.9:1, 61cc/10.4:1
  • 8/pkg
  • Wiseco Domestic Automotive Forged Pistons feature dedicated forgings, specially designed valve pockets, unique dome and crown designs, optimized skirt profiles and precision machined ring grooves. Other features such as dome brushing, ArmorGlide skirt coatings, gas ports, and advanced ring packages will be found on many of these pistons.
    Additionally, valve pocket designs that allow maximum flow around valve, also allowing oversized valves and high lift cams to be utilized, piston crown shapes designed to promote maximum intake charge, efficiency through scavenging mixture "Cross Flow" during intake and exhaust valve overlap. More fuel and air equals more horsepower!
    Piston domes are designed for optimal quench during the compression/combustion cycle, resulting in resistance to detonation and preignition. The end result is longer engine life and increased horsepower potential.
    Precision machined ring grooves with properorifice/accumulator volume feature calculated groove root diameters and axial widths, providing excellent surface finish and flatness, maximum ring seal and minimized blow-by and oil consumption.
    World class, ISO certified forging facility that utilizes the latest technologies featuring complex forged shapes, advanced materials, and feature aligned grain flow technology. Complex Piston skirt profiles that reduce power robbing friction, yet promote stability in the bore for optimum ring seal.